She Ain’t Heavy, She’s My Singer!

Good day all,

OK, I know right off the bat that I am going to get killed for what I am about to say and I apologize ahead of time but this is just how I feel: I just can’t get into female lead singers in metal bands. There I’ve said it, let the onslaught begin! Seriously though, do not get me wrong I am a big fan of what women do in and for music, I just don’t think it fits with the newer sounds of heavy metal.  I love Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Jefferson Starship/Airplane, Janis, and especially Joan Jett, but I just can’t enjoy it in metal.

Let me tell you what inspired me to write this, recently I have read reviews about the new Christian Mistress album “Possession”, and I really wanted to give it a shot even though I new they had a female lead singer. So I downloaded the album and listened to the whole thing this morning and here is what I discovered. Musically “Possession” is a spectacular album. It is the quintessential heavy metal album with strong influences from the NWOBHM scene. The beauty of this album is you can hear the influences but they are not a carbon copy of any band that did influence them. The guitar work is reminiscent of the dual guitar work of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and you can hear the influence of Black Sabbath on just about every song. Again, this is not a carbon copy of those bands but a reinterpretation, if you will, of their influences.

The problem that I had is that on just about every song I was waiting for Ozzy, Dio, Rob Halford, or a combination of Paul Di’Ano and Bruce Dickinson, not the smooth voice that Christine Davis brings. Just to make myself clear, I think Ms. Davis has an outstanding voice and is a great singer, but I need more aggression in my metal singers, and I think that is why I have an issue with female metal singers. I just don’t hear that aggression when people like Christine Scabbia, and Amy Lee sing. Again to be clear I am not saying that they are bad singer, just that it is not my thing, I guess. Look at Lita Ford, I think she was a great metal singer who could hold her own with any of the ’80s metal bands, but she had two things going for her. One she always played guitar and that did make her seem a little more legit in the male dominated metal world. Second, she had a voice that could produce aggression, but you have to listen to her albums before “Kiss Me Deadly” to really hear it and appreciate it, because even I know that the song “Blueberry” from that album may be one of the worst songs ever written.

So let me reiterate, I really like the Christian Mistress album “Possession”, I just can’t handle the lack of aggression in Christine Davis’ voice. I am not telling anyone not to buy it and they should try it out themselves, like I said it is a great metal album that harkens back to the NWOBHM invasion. Agree with me, disagree with me, just understand that I am not bashing women in heavy metal, I just need something else. I hope I can listen to this album a few more times and really get into it, but I am not sure that is possible. You may begin the bashing…Now!

This came out a few days ago, it is the title song from the forthcoming Accept album “Stalingrad”. It will also be our song of the day:

Until Later, Peace



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