Gun(s) to our Heads

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Awhile back I had talked about Guns N Roses coming to the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD and that the price of the tickets seemed a bit high to me.I also discussed the fact that Axl Rose is unpredictable and that made me not want to go to the show. Well, since I did not go to the show it is nice to know that I still have a 100% track record as a prognosticator. It seems, according to the Washington Post concert review via Metal Sludge, that once again Axle and the band made the audience wait until 1:00 in the morning before they took the stage, and then put on a lack luster two and a half hour show.

According to the review, the band lacked cohesion and was lazy and could not keep appropriate time and rhythm. The article goes on to say that the fact that Axl kept the name Guns N Roses for these imposters is a sad reflection on his ego and megalomania. I had read a similar review from a New York reviewer who above all else was just angry at the amount of time Axl makes his audience wait. The bigger issue for a production company that backs Axl and his band is the issue of when his crew has to break down the set for the night and move on to the next concert venue for set up.

This is an issue that both Slash (in his autobiography) and Alan Niven (former manager) bring up in separate interviews. There is a danger for the crew, they have to be breaking down until the wee hours of the morning and turn around a couple of hours later with little sleep and set up again. Not to mention that they have to be available during the show for anything that is needed of them. So no time for sleep! But, if you have read anything about GnR in the past you already know that Axl is an issue and he will probably never change. The sad fact is people are still paying money for GnR concert tickets so there is no reason for him to stop abusing his fans. If nothing else, I hope that the people who went to these club shows learned their lesson about going to a GnR show, but we will see.

This actually reminds me of something Slash talked about in his book, GnR went on tour with Metallica and had Faith No More opening for them for a summer stadium tour. Metallica told GnR that they could close every show on the tour because Metallica did not trust that Axl would go on stage on time and they, Metallica, would be stuck playing late and taking the heat. I am going to post the review below as well as the third part of the interview with Alan Niven who also discusses some of these issues with Axl. Well, if nothing else, Axl is consistant! 

Washington Post GnR Review:

Part 3 of Alan Niven GnR Interview:

Part 1: option=com_content&task=view&id=2700&Itemid=52

Part 2:

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2 thoughts on “Gun(s) to our Heads

  1. It’s sad that your points are the exact reasons I won’t bother going to see GNR either. Well unless there is a true reunion and all the guys get back together. I would still check out concert reviews to make sure that those shows would be starting prior to 1am. Axl has let his ego take control of his frankenstein version of GNR and it’s not for he good of the band.

  2. Seems like old times and with a band no worth seeing. I guess some things never change.
    GnR could have and should have gone down in history as one of the greatest bands of all time. Now we are just left with this.

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