Papa Don’t Preach!

I just finished reading a review for Napalm Death’s new album and the reviewer stated that the political views that the band espouse in their music is a welcome change for metal. The reviewers point being that metal needs more bands bringing issues to light similar to Megadeath, Nuclear Assault and some others in the 80’s. I disagree, I listen to metal for the pure pleasure of the music and the escape from the real world. Sure I understand that there are issues that need to be addressed in society but that is what the 24 hour news shows are for, not metal, in my opinion. I understand a lot of people like Napalm Death and that is great, I am just saying for me, I don’t need to be preached at through my music, or told how I should feel one way or another about a certain topic.

In the past Rage Against the Machine made a career of this type of preaching, all of their songs had some type of message, that is why I did not like them, and still to this day change the channel whenever any of their songs come on the radio. Luckily we live in a great country where that is my choice, I can change the channel. Look, if you like this type of thing  that is fine, I hope you continue to enjoy it, heck Sacred Reich’s “American Way” album is still one of my favorites and it is full of socially conscious songs, but they did it the right way, in my opinion, adding a little light-heartedness. Megadeth still writes preachy songs when Dave Mustaine isn’t singing another song about his addictions (seriously Dave, we get it, you were/are an addict and it affected your life/career, we don’t need a song per album to remind us).

The one positive thing I will say about Napalm Death and grindcore in general is if you don’t have the lyrics for their songs you can’t understand them very well. Which means to me that you really have to like the grindcore bands to care enough to understand what they are saying. So if that is the case you probably care about what they are singing and that is who they make albums for anyway, and good on ya! I hope no matter what genre of metal is your favorite makes a difference in your day and maybe even your life.

Tell me what you think, do you care about the preaching in your metal? Does it make zero difference to you? Am I making to much of a big deal out of this? 

Song of the Day: Blood to Walk

Until Later, Peace



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