Tour Me a New One

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Touring is one of the most  important things a band can do to promote a new album and keep their respective names at the tips of the public’s tongues. But don’t you think that a band should have to have some new material in order to continue touring non-stop like some of them do. I get that it is their right to tour whenever they want or when their management company or festival organizers will support them, but at least give us some new music as a reason to come and see you. Maybe I am getting to old for concerts, or maybe I have become to cynical after all of the concerts I have seen from artists who just show up and perform the same show year after year. At least (as is the case with Judas Priest), put out a best of album and market your show towards a greatest hits set list. When I saw Judas Priest this past fall I knew that I was going in to hear a greatest hits collection of songs, which is fine with me because I have seen Priest quite a few times and I wanted to hear these songs together. Most of the songs were songs they had not played live ever or in a long time. They had always played to their most recent album the other times I saw them so it was good to see them perform songs they usually don’t, but at least they released “The Chosen Few” to pair with this concert. I recently was looking at the Waken Open Air Festival lineup and saw that Sacred Reich will be performing. Now, I really like Sacred Reich but they haven’t put out an album since 1997! I get that the promoters of these festivals are paying the production costs and the bands just have to show up, but if your going to get together at least have something new for the fans. We as fans pay a lot of money for these shows, the least the bands could do is have some new material to perform for us. As I said earlier with the Judas Priest example, you can do a best of if you sell us a best of! The band Kix tours more than any band I know of and they haven’t put out an album since 1995, and people still keep going to see them, how different could their show be after 17 years of no new music? OK, That ends my tirade, continue with your day.

Fear Factory is back on tour with an album promised to be out later this year, hopefully they will play some new stuff! They will be supported by Shadows Fall:

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One thought on “Tour Me a New One

  1. I love the way Maiden has been doing it recently. One tour of newer stuff usually with a new album in their back pocket. Then (like this year) they will do a history tour. The best of both worlds.

    Seen Def Leppard twice, 80’s and a couple of years ago. Great show, but it was the same thing. I won’t see them again unless it is something different. Seen it twice – enjoyed it twice – enough already. Leppard has said they do a deeper catalogue overseas. Maybe I need to go to England or something. I think European audiences get metal these days, and South America, nuts down there for it.

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