The Long, Long, Looooooong Road to the Music

Good day all,

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekends, if you had the day off, otherwise I hope you enjoyed the day. A while back I had talked about going to the Mayhem Festival this summer and that I hated that it was at Jiffy Lube Live, which used to be called Nissan Pavilion. Why might you ask do I hate Jiffy Lube Live? Well, it is for the same reason I hated the Starlake amphitheater just outside of Pittsburgh. There is only one way in and one way out, it takes forever to leave the place and it is so far out in the boonies, that you have to leave 3 1/2 hours just to get there to sit in the parking lot for an addition couple of hours. Seriously, I get that it is probably cheaper for the bands and promoters, but for fans it really does suck, and it is not like I am lazy, but include normal DC traffic on top of concert traffic and you are in your car forever.  I like being outdoors to see concerts, but I think I enjoy the convenience of the local, in-town venues better. You may not be able to tailgate, which you can just barely do at Jiffy Lube Live, but the convenience outweighs the tailgating by a mile. If I can metro in to town and not have to worry about driving, I am O.K. with that. Or if necessary, if I do drive into town I can always find parking, I just have to control my alcohol intake, not worth a DUI. I know some of you out there think the same way as me, let me know in the comments. I agree that sometimes it doesn’t matter where the act is playing, it is worth it to go out and see them wherever they perform.  That is going to be me for both Mayhem as well as Iron Maiden/Alice Cooper. But I would be much happier if I could see all of these bands at the Verizon Center, 9:30 Club, or even the Fillmore in Silver Spring MD. But alas, That is not the case and I will be traveling to Jiffy Lube Live. On the bright side I could probably stop on the way and do a little cow tipping.

 Dragonforce is streaming a new song from their forthcoming album “The Power Within”. I gave it a listen, it is pretty good but not groundbreaking. If you are a fan of Dragonforce you won’t be disappointed, but they are not breaking any new ground. Here is the link via Metal Underground:

The song of the day to start out the short work week:

Until Later, Peace,



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