The Sound Remains the Same

Good day everyone,

Because I believe in full disclosure I want to make a couple of quick points. I talked recently of bands that bring in new lead singers and they are just not the same band, well two bands came to my mind today that disprove my theory. They are Accept and AC/DC. Both of these bands were able to continue with a new lead singer and not lose anything in the process. Accept’s 2010 release Blood of the Nations is absolutely one of the best heavy metal albums I have ever heard. If you don’t already own this album you should stop whatever you’re doing (go ahead, open a new tab and go to Amazon and buy it, I’ll wait.) and buy this album. I promise you, you will not be sorry. We all know what AC/DC was able to do after the death of Bon Scott, arguably the greatest Hard Rock band of all time. In case you don’t know, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were able to achieve great things after releasing their original singers. The difference being that Judas Priest never recorded an album with  Al Atkins, Maiden did so with Paul Di’Anno.

Additionally, once Maiden split with Di’Anno and found Bruce Dickenson, they were able to find the sound that would make Iron Maiden the band that they are today. But, to get back to my original point, when Bruce left Iron Maiden they were not the same band that they once were. With the loss of Dickenson and the addition of Blaze Bayley on vocals, Iron Maiden was not the same band. The two albums with Blaze were the two lowest selling albums of their career and obviously the reason was no Bruce Dickenson.

A band that did have success with a new lead singer was Van Halen, and no I do not mean the Gary Cherone area, that proves my original point. What I mean is the Sammy Hagar era. Van Halen had great success with Sammy, 5150 and OU812 were huge hits for Van Halen, but let’s be realistic, they really should have changed their name. I am cool with a band experimenting or going in a different direction on an album, i.e. Judas Priest Turbo, but this was not Van Halen. You have to give them credit though they sold a ton of albums with Sammy Hagar and would probably still be going strong today if Sammy had stayed in the band. So the whole point of this post is yes, even I am wrong sometimes (or most of the time, whichever you prefer). Tell me what you think.

Still haven’t heard from Banger Films if Metal Evolution will return.

NASCAR racing and Toxic Holocaust seem to go together.

Heard from Eddie Trunk, who got an advanced copy, that the new Accept album is Fantastic! So looking forward to that release.

Song of the Day, since I spent a lot of time discussing them: Iron Maiden

Until Later,Peace



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