Ozzy You at the Reunion

Good day everyone,

So the saga continues, the Black Sabbath reunion has hit another snag, with Tony Iommi’s illness the Black Sabbath tour is coming to a halt. The band has signed on for a European tour but it does not look like Iommi is going to be able to perform at all of them. Right now it looks like the only date that Ozzy, Tony, and Geezer will be playing together is the Download Festival in England. After that the tour will continue with Ozzy and “Friends”. Zakk Wylde will be helping out on the tour and as reported by Metal Underground, Slash and other special guests will be helping out. This is huge blow to the Sabbath reunion, it looks like Tony’s illness is worse than has been reported and a full-blown reunion tour is unlikely. First things first, I hope that Tony continues to fight and can beat his cancer. I would find nothing better than for Tony to kick the Reaper’s ass and be up on the stage with the four original members of Sabbath. We already lost Dio, Tony needs to pull through and rock out like only he can. Here is a link to the story from Metal Underground: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=77488

On a similar note Bill Ward responded to the Black Sabbath counter offer and reiterated that he is still interested in the reunion and is ready and willing to return. He made it clear that the issue is being handled by managers, accountants and lawyers and he still considers the other founding members of Sabbath his friend. He asked and I will reiterate that he does not want any bashing of the other members over his situation and that this is a business issue and not personal. Let’s hope that they can get it together and get this reunion in gear. With Tony’s illness, I am not so sure that it can happen. Here is a link to the statement from Bill Ward: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=77479

I enjoy the smooth and subtle sounds of Talamyus!

What ever happened to Banshee? I really liked these guys, and when I was young would have put them in the power metal set, until power metal was redefined.

Everyone should be listening to Wolf.

Is anyone watching the new Beavus and Butthead? Is it as good as the original? Is it even still on?

Orange Goblins new album is well worth your time, and as far as I am concerned may be one of the top 5 albums of the year! Yes I know it is early but it is that good.

O.K. now for the song of the day:

Until Later, Peace,



2 thoughts on “Ozzy You at the Reunion

  1. Hate to hear that about Tony. DIo’s passing was bad enough. I guess we should cherish what we have left of these metal giants. I just don’t see a lot coming up to take their place.

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