Maiden Time for Summer

Good day everyone,

Not a whole lot to talk about today, the biggest news i could find is that Iron Maiden will be touring this summer with Alice Cooper and Coheed and Cambria opening for them. I find it interesting that Alice Cooper is playing as the opening act for Iron Maiden; I am surprised they aren’t calling this a co-headlining tour. Alice Cooper will be opening only for the first half of the tour, from 21 June through 19 July, and then Coheed and Cambria will finish out the tour as the opener. I unfortunately will have to see the show at Jiffy Lube Live on the 30 of June. I am not a fan of Jiffy Lube Live, I would rather go to Verizon, Warner, or many other places to see them than Jiffy Lube Live (even the name is stupid). But no matter what I will not miss this show! I have seen Alice Cooper about 10 or so times, maybe even a little more. Alice Cooper is one fo my all time favorites and everyone, if they have the chance, should see him in concert. On the other side I have never seen Iron Maiden live. So, this will be my chance and this time I am not going to miss them! Who else is going to go out and see these bands? According to the article there still is a chance they will add more dates on to the tour so keep an eye out if you do not see your town listed. Tickets will go on sale March 2nd and 3rd. Here is a link to their dates:

I was able to check out a couple of albums that came out this week, first was Orange Goblin “A Eulogy for the Damned. I guess these guys are sludge metal, but I really like what they have done on this album. It is a really heavy flowing album. This is my first experience with Orange Goblin and I have to say I was impressed. I also checked out the new Avatar “The Black Waltz”. I have to say right now the jury is still out for me on this disc. I may need one or two more listens before I have anything definitive to say. I like the album, but I do not know if it will stand up against everything else I listen to. My measuring stick for an album is if I will put it on my MP3 player and leave it on my MP3 player for longer than 1 listen. If the album makes the MP3 player permanently, then it is worth taking a chance on.

Song of the day in honor of the Iron Maiden tour:

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5 thoughts on “Maiden Time for Summer

  1. Up The Irons! Planning to see them in Charlotte. Saw them in D.C. a few years back for the first time. Massive show. Old enough to have seen them in the eighties, but for some reason I didn’t find them until recent. I have never seen Alice and I am looking forward to that.

    • awrenfro,
      Seeing Alice is a must for all metalheads and hard rockers! His show, no matter how many times you have seen him is awesome and different. I like would rather see him when he is in a theater type setting, but he rocks it out no matter where he is playing. Thanks for checking out my blog and go Steelers, I am a Pittsburgh native and am a huge Steelers and Penguins fan! Hence IC Heavy.

  2. Orange Goblin are fantastic stoner metal. I have yet to listen to their latest, but their 2006 album (can’t remember its name, possibly Healing Through Time) is also worth a spin.

    Also, seeing Alice at Bloodstock in August!

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