Slash, Nikki,and Whitney!

With the death of Whitney Houston this past weekend my wife and I were having a conversation about musicians and drugs. It reminded me of two really good autobiographies I had read about this very subject. The first was “The Heroin Diaries” by Nikki Six of Motley Crue, and the second was “Slash” by of course Slash of Guns N Roses. Both of these guys became heavy heroin addicts as well as alcoholics and coincidentally both of them also died for a short time during their abuse, obviously they recovored. But, even though both of them are clean and sober, they have done substantial damage to their own bodies because of their addictions. Take Slash as a case in point, he has a pacemaker in his chest because of the damage he had done to his heart while using heroin. At 46 years old he walks around and performs with a pacemaker in his chest, which was installed when he was 35. Amusingly, he opened his book with a story where he discusses that sometimes because of the electrical equipment on stage the defibrillator will sometimes malfunction. He also notices it when his adrenalin and the rush on stage would make his heart beat faster than normal, then BOOM the defibrillator would kick in, a constant reminder of what he did to himself with his addictions. My point in all of this is, it doesn’t really matter how Whitney died, and the autopsy is supposed to be performed yesterday or today, but there can be no doubt, even if it is speculation at this point, that a contributor to her death was from drug abuse. It damages the body and organs in spectacular ways and the damage is usually permanent. It is sad that she had to die so young but she deffinetely facilitated her own demise. Whether you liked her type of music or not she was still an important contributor to music history.

As I mentioned above the two books I mentioned are must reads if you are interested in Heavy Metal, and what goes on in the inner-workings of bands. Slash goes into extreme detail about the issues and dysfunction of Guns N Roses, while Nikki takes you on a worldwide journey of a musician with a major addiction and how it can affect not only your life, but everyone around you. The amount of times these guys were in rehab (and escaped from rehab), and what they would do to themselves during their binges is just amazing.

If you listen to Sirrius Boneyard you will notice that it has changed recently to Ozzy’s Boneyard. I have no idea what the difference is because the music seems to be the same , but one major change is that Eddie Trunk’s Monday show has now been moved to Hair Nation. It will be on at the same time and according to Trunk’s tweets and website will have the exact same music, guests, call ins, and format. So if you have been listening to Eddie, he is on a new channel now.

Speaking of Eddie Trunk, VH1 Classic and Eddie have announced a couple of the guests for the upcoming season of That Metal Show. According to VH! Classic website Lars Ulrich, Jason Newstead, Alice Cooper, Adrian Smith , and Lemmy. Looking forward to seeing who else will be on, but so far so good.

Tomorrow, or maybe even later today I will have the new releases for Tuesday 14 Feb 12

Song of the day:   Bonus points, if you can tell me who originally performed this song you win a one year subscription to this blog!

Until Later, Peace



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