Heavy Musings for 02/10/12

Good day all,

So the Black Sabbath saga continues. Bill Ward is still not with the band in England for the recording of the new album and a resolution does not look to be close. As I have said earlier if all four of the original members are not back then I don’t think you can market it as a reunion. I think you can say that Ozzy is back with Tony Iommi’s Black Sabbath, but it is definitely not the original Black Sabbath. When Dio returned to record another Sabbath album they actually changed the name of the band to Heaven and Hell and performed as such on both the record and the touring live show. That was mainly because of the lawsuit that has finally been resolved between Iommi and Ozzy concerning the naming rights of Sabbath. But either way there was a distinction that I believe was appropriate and actually gave Ronnie James Dio the respect that he deserved for creating and assisting in the creation of arguably the best songs Sabbath produced. Additionally, having the name change told the world that this isn’t Ozzy’s or Tony’s Black Sabbath but this was Dio’s Black Sabbath, it was unique and it was marketed that way, appropriately! But the point is yes it will still sound like Sabbath if Ward is not in the band, my point is you can’t call it a reunion if all four members aren’t in the band. If one of the members were dead then sure you could say a reunion of the remaining members of the band, but that is not the case here. They need to make Ward happy and get this thing moving in the right direction. And don’t be mad at Sharon Osborne, according to her tweet the other day she has no say in what Black Sabbath’s management does only what Ozzy does or is doing. Take that for what it is worth!

In a weird way this situation kind of reminds me of when Rob Halford left Judas Priest for his solo career and Tim “Ripper” Owens took over the lead singing of the band, and for that matter when any new singer takes over for an established band. It just feels like they should change their name or something because it just isn’t the same band. Sure allot of the music can sound the same, but at the same time you can plug in different musicians and achieve the same sound, you can’t do that with a lead singer. Judas Priest is a great example of this; Scott Travis joined the band right before the recording of the Painkiller album, a new drummer in an established band. Did Judas Priest still sound like Judas Priest? Absolutely, the same can be said with the recent departure of KK Downing and the addition of Richie Faulkner, does Judas Priest still sound like Judas Priest? Yes! They have not missed a beat replacing KK, but did they sound like Judas Priest on Jugulator and Demolition? I argue no, without Rob Halford there is no Judas Priest.

In the same vein you can say the same when a lead singer leaves a band to do solo projects or to front other bands. This happens allot now a days when every singer is working with a bunch of different projects. Look at TOOL lead singer Maynard James Keenan who has like ten side projects (that was a joke he only has 2 side projects, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer), it doesn’t matter how different he tries to make his side projects, they will always sound and he will always sound like TOOL. Once again I go back to Judas Priest, Rob Halford has been in Halford, Fight, and 2wo, and they all sound like Judas Priest no matter how you slice it because his voice is the voice of Judas Priest! When you hear Rob Halfords voice on a Fight song the first thing that goes through your mind is “hey a new Judas Priest song” and not “oh, that’s just Rob Halford’s side project.” My point is that much like the quarterback of the football team is the most important, most visible, most critiqued, most recognized member of a football team, the same can be said for a lead singer of an established band. There is no Zeppelin without Plant, but Bonham can be replaced.

COuple giveaways today:

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Today would have been the 50th birthday of Cliff Burton

In honor of that our song of the day: http://youtu.be/UO_84C3fpuI

Until Later, Peace,



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