Randoms 02/08/12

Good evening everyone,

The question I pose to you today is simple; do you still buy CDs or albums or do you get all of your music from MP3s and streaming? I personally get everything through MP3s. I do not own a cd and if I do it is one that someone gave me recently and I have not resold yet. About 4 years ago or so I downloaded all of my music onto a removable hard drive and sold all of my cds on Ebay. Just a FYI my metal collection procured the highest sale price. I know a lot of people ar back into vinyl again as well. I love the whole idea of vinyl, especially the inside fold and the linear notes were always awesome. Plus, back in the day the album covers where actually created for the size, now on cds and cassettes it seems a bit distorted. The problem I have is I don’t have anywhere to store a turntable and albums. I have a 3-year old who loves to collect every toy he sees, no room for my stuff. Let me know what you do, still have cds or even cassettes or albums, or are you a space saver like me?

Here is a review of the new Goatwhore album from http://heavymetal.about.com/ The album will be release February 14.


And in anticipation our song of the day: http://youtu.be/ybKifd3J0NI

Until Tomorrow, Peace,



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