Heavy Metal Releases for 02/07/12

Good morning all,

A quiet day in the heavy metal releases today, here is what is coming out:

February 7, 2012
The 11th Hour – Lacrima Mortis (Napalm)
Chimp Spanner – All Roads Lead Here EP (Basick)
Iron Fire – Voyage Of The Damned (Napalm)
The Kandidate – Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death (Napalm)
Nephelium – Coils Of Entropy
Psycroptic – The Inherited Repression (Nuclear Blast)

A review of the new Van Halen album “A Different Kind of Truth” from the Los Angeles Times: http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2012/02/album-review-van-halens-a-different-kind-of-truth.html

Haven’t heard the ne VH and can’t say that I am really looking forward to hearing it, especially after some things I have read about the album itself. It seems to me to be a quick money grab as most of the album was written in the ’70s and re-recorded for this album. Sure it will have new age technology that didn’t exist in the ’70s but is that really a good thing. Just ask Axl Rose about over producing an album. Just because you have the toys doesn’t mean you have to play with them.

Busy week at work so I am not sure when I will finish Metal Evolution this week, but one more thing that bothers me about the show is having Savatage listed under Prog Metal! Really! Really! If nothing else they helped start the Power Metal scene. There is nothing prog about “Hall of the Mountain Kings” “Sirens”, or “Gutter Ballet”, but there is something related to power metal in each of them. This was a bad categorization by Metal Evolution folks. Also, since we are talking about Metal Evolution I have not been able to find out if it is coming back again, unless they say at the end of this episode?

Overall I found Metal Evolution to be pretty interesting. I think they wasted an episode with the grunge episode as well as the nu-metal episode. I think there was a possibility to combine both of those genres in with one of the other episodes. For instance, Slipknot could have been discussed in more detail in the shock rock episode. The shock rock episode is another one that could have been reduced, I think! Which is an odd thing for me to say since it had Alice Cooper, and King Diamond featured in it, two of my favorite artists. Finally, I think they could have delved more deeply into thrash and looked at the German metal scene that gave us Kreator, Destruction, Sodom, and so many more.

Random thought: Goatwhore’s name is keeping them back!

Song of the day, since we were discussing Savatage: http://youtu.be/Ubmft9_LeE8

Until next time, Peace,



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