Randoms 02/06/12

Good Morning All,

Started watching but have not finished the season (hopefully not the series) finale of Metal Evolution. This episode is about progressive metal and I have to tell you up to this point I am not impressed. First, I need a real definition of what Prog Metal is before they try to tell me that Dillinger Escape Plan is a prog metal group. The closest they are to prog metal is that they just make noise and some people find the endearing. I am not one of those people. I find their music to be annoying. Also, does Mastadon really fit in the progressive metal realm? I think you could make a case either way but, I see them more as sludge than I do as progressive. I will say I did enjoy the history from early Genesis, to Yes, to Rush, to Queensryche, to Dream Theater, these are all bands I would consider progressive. But as I said earlier I am only half way through the show and if anything new strikes my fancy in what is left I will let you know.

Here is an interesting bit of news on the new Slayer album via Metal Underground: http://www.metalunderground.com/news/details.cfm?newsid=76956

In honor of the New York Giants Super Bowl win a little New York Thrash for our song of the day : http://youtu.be/-t0affoV5rI

Until Later, Peace,



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