Randoms 02/03/12

Good morning all,

Well it is starting to look like the long-awaited reunion of Black Sabbath may not become a reality after all. First it was Tony Iommi being diagnosed with cancer, now it looks as if Bill Ward might be backing out as well. According to the statement posted on eddietrunk.com Ward is calling the contract offered him as “unsignable” but acknowledges that he is ready to go if and when a reasonable offer is made. You can read the entire statement here: http://www.eddietrunk.com/index.cfm/pk/view/cd/NAA/cdid/433207/pid/400512

What I find interesting about the Black Sabbath / Bill Ward issue is I would have thought it a no brainer that these guys all made the same amount of money for what they do. I guess it was kind of naive of me especially with Ozzy and Iommi in the band. Sure Ozzy should probably make more money because just having his name associated with something is going to have a bigger draw, but the offer made to Ward had to be insulting for him to go public with it. I would love to see the original Black Sabbath get together and record an album, I think that would be great. As for a tour, eh, I am not so sure I need to see them live, I mean seriously, they are pushing 70, they may need walkers and oxygen on the side of the stage for them! But I do hope they get it together, I will be eagerly anticipating the album.

The M3 festival is coming back to Merriweather Post Pavilion on May 11 and May 12. The lineup for this year is a really strong lineup of ’80s metal bands including Kix, Queensryche, Warrant, Ratt, Stryper and a ton more. This year the 2 day event will allow concert go’ers to see all the acts as this will be the first time that the bands will not play simultaneously on both stages. Additionally, the performances will be simulcast to the 2 stages so people will not have to rush from one stage to the other. For more info check here: http://m3rock.webs.com/

Both Frank Bello and his cousin and band mate Charlie Benante have left Anthrax’s current tour to be with family and attend to Benante’s mother who is terminally ill. Joey Vera from Armored Saint will fill in for Bello, while Testaments Gene Hoglan has already been filling in for Benante. You can read more here: http://www.noisecreep.com/2012/02/02/anthrax-frank-bello-joey-vera/

I feel bad for Bello and Benante but I have to wonder what going to see Anthrax will be like without them. Having Scott Ian miss a show because of an illness is one thing, he can be replaced for one show. Although, he is one of the bigger draws in Anthrax and one of the most outspoken members during the show, one missed show is acceptable. But to have two band members leave and have to have fill ins is almost like having a all-star band instead of seeing Anthrax. I mean they are the lead guitar player and drummer! I also understand that Anthrax does not want to cancel the tour and disappoint the fans, but are you really seeing Anthrax? In a related note they must be really big fans of Armored Saint, first they get their lead singer for a few albums, now they have recruited their guitar player to fill in for Bello. I guess I will have to wait to find out the verdict tomorrow after some friends go to Columbus OH to see them play tonight. Jude, Rick let me know how it goes!

Todays song of the day:

http://youtu.be/oVaUohc9syM  A little Kreator to start off the day!

Until later, Peace,



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