Randoms for 1/29/12

I just finished watching the “Power Metal” episode of the Metal Evolution series and two things are very evident to me, first, power metal is a fun and enjoyable type of music that I didn’t necessarily understand but still enjoyed. It was very interesting to hear from the bands and journalists who cover this genre about the roots and why it is so excentric. Knowing now that the inspiration is from their own cultures makes the power metal even more interesting to me. The second thing that made itself evident to me is that I really want to go to the Wacken Open Air  http://www.wacken.com/en/woa2012/ . I want to be in that huge crowd of humanity and stink and party. I think that would be awesome! So, if you have some money that is burning a hole in your pocket and you want to donate it for my trip I would gladly accept it.

I had a few more thoughts about the Power Metal episode of Metal Evolution, I personally do not buy that the Scorpians and Accept where the early models of Power Metal. I will give you that Rob Halford’s singing style was influential on the genre, but the Scorps and Accept were as far from Power metal as possible. I agree that Dio and Rainbow could be the biggest influence on Power Metal as they basically mastered the art of using fantasy and related imagery in their music. Additionally, if you listen to what Dio had said during his interview, he wanted to bring the basic concept of battling evil and the best way to do that was through the Dungeons and Dragons type concepts and imagery.

Back to Metal Evolution. I am really disappointed that it is going to end with next week’s season finale, hopefully it comes back to explores more of the roots and future of metal. As a community, metal needs this type of show. I think there are a lot of sub-genres that have been overlooked, to include death metal and especially black metal. Where I am not a huge fan of black metal, some of the stories from the bands from Norway and Sweden is pretty fascinating if not bizarre. Also to  finish the series with Prog metal is a little strange to me, but hopefully the series will be back and we will get more. I will try to tweet Banger Music and see if I can get an answer.

Something for a random Sunday and in honor of Mark Reale give Riot Thundersteel a try on today, you won’t be sorry.

Who is eveyone listening to today? Let meknow in the comments, always looking for new music or to be reintroduced to some old school metal.

Thats it for now, maybe more later, Peace!


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