I justs can’t get excited about the new Van Halen record. I have always been a VH fan but it just seems like to little to late. Listened to “Tatoo” and it doesn’t do anything for me. The guitar solo is solid but outside of that not impressed.

Gave new Lamb of God another listen, still does nothing for me.

Power Metal episode of Metal Evolution on VH1 Classic tomorrow night, looking forward to it, absolutely sure there will be alot of Manowar.

I enjoyed the Shock Rock episode. It was good to see King Diamond, and even better since he just announced this week that he is ready to tour and write again. Check out the official King Diamond Facebook page for more details, but the King is back!

More Later


One thought on “Randoms

  1. I watched the same episode and can’t wait to hear some new King Diamond. Always enjoyed what he puts out no matter if it’s Mercyful Fate or King Diamond. I just found your blog from a friend. It’s really good stuff and me being a metal fan it is cool to read blogs similar to my thought process. I sometimes blog for the Focus on Metal sight, but it has been since back in the summer since my last post due to work, family and more work. Keep up the good stuff. Thanks, Jimmy

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