Random thoughts for 1/26/12

I have been thinking about the death of Riot founder Mark Reale and it is really sad that he has worked so hard on this band and right when it looks like things are going to finally take off for them, he has these complications and passes away. It just goes to show that life is a fragile thing and you have to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sometimes I really like viking metal (Ensiferum)

I think that Children of Bodom’s Relentless, Reckless Forever is a underated album from the past year.

I also think that if Kvelertak put out an album in english they will be huge…

Why in god’s name would Slipknot be headlining the Mayhem Festival over Slayer and Anthrax? I mean really, WTF.

If there is one album I am most anticipating so far these year it is the new Testament album. Having Alex Skolnick back on guitar is huge and really made their last album epic.

The album i fear will be the most disappointing is probably going to come from Ghost. I am not sure they can be creative enough with their sound. The first album was good but Mercyful Fate they are not.

I know it is 2 years old now but I still cannot get enough of Accept’s Blood of the Nations.

Holy Grail, you need a new album!

Until next time!



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