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Welcome, hopefully I will have a lot of people join me here on this blog and we can discuss the current state of Heavy Metal and all other things that we are into. My reasoning behind starting this blog is I believe that there is a resurgence in the heavy metal community and I need to talk about it. I have been listening to heavy metal since I was about 6 years old. My brother bought Black Sabbath’s We Sold Our Souls for Rock and Roll and I was hooked. I slowly moved into bands like Diamond Head, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and the like and I also still have an affinity for the hair metal band days. Currently I have been listening to a lot of Death Metal, Thrash, and Melodic (or Gothenburg/Swedish) Death Metal, but don’t get me wrong I love metal…all of it!

Currently I am lost and confused by the multitude of different sub-genres of metal. I find the television documentary Metal Evolution to be interesting in how it is currently documenting the Metal movement throughout the years, but this show also concerns me because I think we over categorize metal in general. For instance I have no idea what metalcore is, I have researched this sub-genre through several different web sources and still have no idea what it is and why it is a sub-genre. To me metal is metal, you either like it or not and there is plenty out there for everyone’s taste.

I am a very big fan of thrash metal and I find that a lot of the metalcore could fit into that category, I mean if it is the harsh vocals that make it metalcore then a majority of other metal must fit that category as well including Amon Amranth, and we all know that is not true. I want to discuss metal, I don’t care about the labels of sub-genres, and I don’t care what anyone else likes or doesn’t like, I will always respect your opinion because as they say “to each his own”. My own friends give me crap because I like Avenged Sevenfold (they are sellouts) I am told, and that may be the case but I think they are talented and write really good albums.

I also have to put out there that I am not a music critic and do not have the writing chops to give in depth reviews of new or even older metal music. What I will do is give you my opinion of the music as best as I can and it will be just that, my opinion. I do not expect everyone to agree because most of the time I do not agree with the critics either. Here is my first foray, the new Lamb of God came out Tuesday the 24 titled “Resolution”, I listened to the album in its entirety yesterday and found it to be a solid album, but definitely not an album that would be on my top ten list at the end of the year, and possibly not at the end of the month i not for the lack of albums released this month. As I said earlier it is a solid album although the running time may be a bit long, but if I compare this album to “Wrath”, I will take “Wrath” 9 times out of 10. Resolution has a lot of solid songs on it, especially in the second half of the album, but still not a great album and as far as I am concerned a let down to the anticipation.

Hopefully, in the future I will also be able to attend some concerts and give some reviews. My most recent concert was the Anthrax, Testament, and Death Angel show at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, MD. As well as the Judas Priest show in Johnstown PA which was a great show! That shows you how often I can get out to see shows. I was also supposed to see Riot at Jaxx (now Empire) in Springfield VA but  the show was cancelled because of an apparent permit issue with the venue. Missing that show really peeved me because Riot has not toured the US in a long time and their current lineup is my favorite of their time. While we are talking about Riot it is sad to hear of the passing of the founder of the band Mark Reale today after a lifetime battle with Chrons Disease. It really sucks that the band really had made a great album and had some strong critical backing and he will not be around to appreciate it after he and the band have struggled for all of these years.

I guess that is all for right now, once again I could be writing this for myself or for an audience, either way i hope you enjoy it. I do not have a schedule of when I will post, mostly during the day but also whenever I get a bug up my butt about a topic related to heavy metal, and sometimes other topics as well. But my pledge is to try to separate the topics as much as possible, in other words metal with metal and if it is a sports topic, sports with sports, and anything else that strikes my fancy. I hope you enjoy, let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “In My Mind

  1. Man, I am glad I was recommended to check out your blog. I agree with you with the whole state of metal and I also agree about the genres of heavy metal. Metal is metal no matter how you throw it out there. If it’s good, it will stand the test of time. I started out as a metal fan way back when I first heard the opening beats to Run to the Hills by the mighty Maiden. I never looked back. I’m nearing 40 years old and metal is in my blood. I will have to disagree with you slightly on the Lamb of God. The only thing I will say is that as a fan of Lamb of God I feel that Resolution is a great album. I have given it multiple listens and I feel that it is a strong release maybe not as good as Wrath but, hell, it can be tough to compete with your own greatness. I, too, doubt it will be in my top 10 by years end but with new Testament and Accept due out this year, it’s gonna be a solid year for all things heavy. Thanks, Jimmy

  2. Jimmy,
    Thanks for reading, as for LoG I have tried again to listen to the new album, and where I appreciate they are trying something new it still doesn’t do it for me. Might I suggest taking a listen to the New Orange Goblin “Eulogy for the Damned”, or for some old school thrash style try Witchaven “Terrorstorm”, this album is not groundbreaking by any stretch but you can definitely hear all of their influences coming through on every song. It is cool they are not copying, but do honor their predecessors.

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